Epsiode 12 – A team and small steps

With a project like this, it is amazing to see other peoples interest in your work and progress. Wherever you come, people ask about the current state and when the tractor will run for the first time.

You can prepare the nicest project plans but often it is just not in your hands. We were waiting to get laser cut parts delivered, which took 7 weeks instead of the usual two weeks, so that we were blocked in our progress on some parts. It came to a point were we even started to paint the first components … watching paint dry is definitely not one of our favorites 😉


Be assured, the tractor will not come completely in orange paint. We came up with a particular color scheme for the tractor, where orange is just one part.


Talking about organizing parts, the material value of a tractor is only a minor part, compared to the value of the work going into such a project. Work which is done by the entire team, starting with cleaning parts, assembling/disassembling, measuring and finally designing, welding and machining all the parts. Not having a high-tech tool and machine shop with CNC controlled machines at our hands, every part is done the old-school way on conventional lathes and mills. In a team which started as a bunch of friends, everybody is learning skills from each other to operate the machines and is thus able to realize even more complex parts on his own. The principles in the workshop are clear: Don’t stop were you are, you grow with your challenges and if there is no solution, it is not a problem.

I think this is a good place to thank everybody for their motivation, devotion to the project, the time invested so far an the time you will invest to get the tractor running.  Another big thanks has to go to our families, girlfriends and so on, allowing us to invest so much time in our project, without their support it would just be impossible.

I missed another principle … if, after a long day at the job and a whole evening working on the tractor there is not a lot of motivation left, or something just didn’t work as expected, there is always time for a beer or two between friends.

What about the small steps?

Front and rear axles with the steering and brakes are done and just awaiting their final paint job.

The clutch and flywheel are ready and fit perfectly. A big thanks to Freakshow Performance for the amazing work.

We finally found a piece of large diameter steel pipe to get the clutch protection done. Looks like some more machining work 😉


The auxiliary drive for the oil- and fuel pump, incorporating the direct crank starter and trigger wheel for the EFI, comes together nicely.

Spark plugs are in and ignition coils mounted to the cylinder heads.

Fuel injectors fit the intake manifolds and we are currently machining the fuel rails.


Turbos and throttle bodies are on and we are working on the intake and exhaust piping.

The gearbox housing is getting machined and the Fuller parts are getting the needed modifications.

Decisions are made on the material for the drive shafts … some more machining.

Seems like time to get back to the workshop. We are currently to busy to keep up with the technical episodes, but these will follow, with the tractor running. To close this episode, here is a picture what the italian power pack actually looks like 😉

2019-04-14 18.47.10

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