Episode 7 – Steel puzzle

With the laser cut parts it should be easy to assemble the tractor in a few hours 😉

Time to check if all the parts for the rear axle fit like planned.

So far so good, but do you remember the plan to build our rear axle out of two separate truck axles? Time to get these parts prepared. The Rockwell differential carrier fits like a charm after we were able to take the needed measurements of the flange and reproduce it in CAD.


For the MAN planetaries it’s a little bit trickier. The interested follower might have observed that the planetaries come from a front axle an thus you have to deal with the stearing knuckles of these. Easy … after several cutting disks and a run on the lathe, eveything we don’t need ist gone :-/

The nice thing with steel is, that after you cut everything completely apart you can fit it back together … but will it weld? Time for some welding test pieces with a TIG root pass and the filling with TIG or a stick welder and different filler materials. Good preheating will not harm and the hydraulic shop press will show any weakness.

Welds good and seems not to crack, so its time for some weld porn.

Get a piece of ground, round stock, turn some fittings and everything can be aligned for tack welding the complete rear axle.

2018-09-11 20.12.42

2018-09-14 17.35.08

The front axle was no big deal, just like Lego with a welder 😛

2018-09-14 20.05.33

Alignment of the complete drive train in CAD was easy, but will it fit in real life? How to align the engine block with the rear axle and make sure everything is straight, square, parallel an whatever geometrical property one can imagine? We are in the 21st century, so every problem can be solved with a laser. Some modifications on a cheap, self  leveling cross line laser from the super market and it becomes a high-tech drive line adjusting tool.

2018-09-18 23.03.17

Looks not too bad. Time to start thinking how to realize the roll-over protection (ROP) according to the ETPC rulebook. Do we know somebody with pipe bending experience? Not really, so this will become a fun challenge :-/

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