Unfortunately, we didn’t have a bunch of usable engines lying in our backyards or in a barn somewhere around. So, what do we want? As modified pulling fans the keywords for the powerplant were: piston engine, preferably an aircraft engine, at least a V12, lots of displacement, open pipes, methanol injection, electronic engine management would be nice, mechanical supercharger, …

Well, we are still waiting for a response from Santa Claus to our wish list 😉

Time to look for something more common in Europe. The Russians created some interesting engines, huge V12s with 4 valves per cylinder, overhead cams, some with aluminium blocks. Most of them on diesel fuel. We responded to an offer for Zvezda M503 engines out of a torpedo boat. That could be it, but after a visit and a lot of reflections they were just to huge and have some disadvantages, we didn’t want to deal with. But at least they had used frame rails and aluminium fenders from a modified pulling tractor lying around, which we picked up there a year later. The look for the right engine type went on, having the idea in mind for a long time, to convert a diesel engine to methanol. They do it mainly on alky Super-Stock tractors and some modified tractors as well. How hard can it be? Having no displacement limit in our class, what’s the biggest diesel engine, being successfully used in pulling? Have they been run on methanol before? How about spare parts?

It became clear, that the best choice would be a mass-produced European truck engine. The displacement should be 15+ liters. Mercedes produced nice V8s and the incredible V10s with their lovely sound coming from the two 5-cylinder banks. Can you find the V10s easily? Having worked on inline 5 cylinders before, I fell in love with the sound, but it limits the number of available components, when it comes to the installation of engine management systems. Best would be a V8, as they don’t directly limit you in the choice of further components.

Wait … during the European championships in Herning (DK) I saw Fiat V8s. What are they? On the EC in Zele (B) a Danish team with stairstep Iveco diesel V8s laid down an enormous pull against Europe’s top heavy-modified tractors. Time for some internet research … that’s it: Fiat 8280, 17.2 liters (~1050 cubic inch) V8, 4 valves per cylinder, …

2017-05-13 10.54.43

2017-05-13 10.54.25

Time to track down some Fiat 8280 engines …

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